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Want to DIY your wedding flowers?

1. You can use flowers from the supermarket or your/your mum’s/your gran’s garden but be aware they don’t last as long as from a florist or flower market. The flowers are

also not as big but you can still create some gorgeous bouquets when you're on a budget.

2. You can do them the night before but they may wilt so try do them the morning of the wedding (if you can!)

3. Take a floristry workshop or class will help you make the most of arranging your wedding flowers

4. Pick flowers that are in season (you can’t have peonies in August from a supermarket, but a florist or flower market may still have them)

5. Use dried flowers; dried flowers can be a cheaper option and can be made up a few weeks (months!) in advance. They also have the bonus of being something to keep from the wedding.

6. Enjoy it! Making bouquets is a lot of fun and they don’t need to be perfect.

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